About Us

About Us

Welcome: healthsecurer.blogspot.com is the Nigeria independent Amazing Health Blog. Our core focus is Gist and Health. This blog was created and manage by Ajayi Michael Ayomitan popular know as ItsAYOMI (Ayomi Cute), I was born in Omuo - Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Our History
Founded in October 22 2016, healthsecurer.blogspot.com has stayed true to its roots and continues to provide the highest quality content aimed at Amazing Health Blog. This commitment makes us stand out more than ever right now, with many other sites preferring quantity over quality. We only bring you the most relevant and insightful Gist and Health Tips.

Our Heritage
Having such a rich heritage has resulted in healthsecurer having one of the most stable, knowledgeable and self-sustaining blog. The healthsecurer.blogspot.com is the only place to go for informed, mature, topical Health Blog.
Your healthsecurer

We welcome you to the healthsecurer family, and sincerely hope you have as much fun using the site as we do creating it. Contact us with aayomitan@gmail.com for more info.

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